Ankle Sprain

Following a total lack of activity recently, over the next few weeks some of the previously recorded videos will finally be going live on the website. I am going to try and commit to creating a publishing one video per week to try and continue to push on and make progress with this project! This

First Videos Go Live

Well, its is an exciting day today with more progress on the FractureInfo site! The team have been busy beavering away to produce what we think is great information on your orthopaedic injuries. As with all of these things the quality of the videos will improve dramatically I am sure as we develop our skills

We have a logo…

Well, we are taking small steps in the world of going live.  The trouble with trying to achieve anything like what I hope this website will turn into is that the FractureInfo team and I are doing this in our spare time… unfortunately as I have chosen an awesome group of experience people time is a

Website Live

Well, the basic shell of the website is live, but there isn’t much here! Over the last 6 months this idea has been brewing and developing in my own mind.  I have nearly 10 videos recorded so far, and plans for more.  I am due to meet with the physiotherapy team next week to record