New Video – Pendulum Exercises

Pendulum Exercises New video time!  This week we have another video from Niel Kang and Abbas See.  This video takes our patients through how to perform pendulum exercises. These exercises are useful for many shoulder / clavicle injuries.  For example ACJ sprain, proximal humeral fractures, clavicle fractures etc.   Is your hospital on our list? If

New Video – Collar and Cuff

Collar and Cuff We have more content.  We have new actors!  Abbas and Niel Kang have been awesome and have created several new videos to help progress the service. I hope you find our new video on collar and cuff slings useful!   We have uploaded this to the casts and splints section. We really hope these

New Video – Radial Head or Neck Fracture

After a bit of a hiatus we have a few more videos recorded and edited and ready for release very soon.  Today we have uploaded our fractured radial head or neck patient information video. This is a common injury seen in the emergency department and usually does not require any orthopaedic intervention, other than a

QR Codes Added to newest videos

To allow for easier access for patient’s directly to the content they require we have added QR codes to each of the webpages for the videos. These can be inserted into letters or local patient information leaflets. Using a QR Code scanner on your phone you will be able to scan these QR codes and

Week 5 – Wrist Fracture (Fractured Distal Radius)

Week 5 – This week we have a patient information video all about distal radius fracture – conservative management. It seems to be almost impossible to cover a fracture clinic and not see a distal radius fracture. Here we give the patients realistic information regarding their injury.  Guides on the wrist splint will be coming

Week 4 – Padded Sling

Week 4 and this week we have a patient information video about how to apply and adjust a padded sling.  Padded Slings are frequently for injuries of the upper limb, or following surgery. To ensure maximal comfort it is important that the sling is correctly fitted.  You should take your arm out of the sling every

Week 3 – ACJ Sprain Video

ACJ Sprain Week 3 and this week we have a patient information video about acromioclavicular joint sprains. ACJ injuries frequently occur in young patients following a sporting injury.  The rarely require operative intervention and can be treated in a sling. The patient should be encouraged to move the arm progressively as pain allows. This injury

5th Metacarpal Neck Fracture

5th Metacarpal Neck Fracture Week 2 – so far so good, sticking to the deal! This week we have a patient information video on the 5th metacarpal fracture.  A very common orthopaedic injury which rarely requires any orthopaedic injury. This injury should be diagnosed and managed in the emergency or minor injuries department and discharged