Here we hope to address some of the common questions you may have  If we have missed something please get in touch with us.

I'm having a problem how do I get help?

Please contact your local accident and emergency minor injuries unit, or the fracture clinic.  You may find the number here.

What pain relief should I take?

Start with the simple things and ensure your limb is elevated above you heart to control swelling.  If you need to take pain relief then you can find further information here.

I would like to see a physiotherapist?

If the medical professional seeing you has not referred you already, or you would like further physiotherapy you are able to self refer yourself.  In Cambridge this is done by...

I had an operation and I wonder if I should have the metal work removed?

Generally speaking we do not advise routine removal of the metalwork unless it is likely to cause a problem, or there is a specific reason to remove it. More information on this topic.