Plaster Cast Application

Plaster casts are frequently used to hold your limb in the correct position to allow the bones to heal following your injury.

A stocking is placed over the limb to protect your skin.

A layer of wool is then applied around your limb to ensure the cast is comfortable and does not rub on your skin.

A layer of tape may then be applied to the cast to remove the air and to make it easier to remove the plaster cast.

The plaster is then wrapped around your limb to apply the cast.  A layer of plaster may be inserted to reinforce the plaster cast.

The stocking is folded back to stop the ends of the cast rubbing against the skin and being uncomfortable.

The cast is them allowed to set, this can take a varying amount of time depending on the cast material used, and your plaster technician should advise you on how long it will take for the cast to set, and for the cast to dry out.

Please read this article on how to care for your cast, you should ensure that you elevate the limb either finger above nose, or toes above nose to allow the swelling to drain out of your arm.

You may also wish to order a limbo cast protector.