Soft Cast Removal

Soft casts can easily be removed at home.  They are excellent! Soft casts are commonly used for many orthopaedic injuries as they can be removed at home (if advised by your medical professional) to avoid return trips to the hospital.

In order to remove your plaster cast, pick at the end and unravel the cast.  There are often multiple layers of the plaster and there may sometimes be a reinforced layer.

If you are unable to lift up the edge of the plaster cast you may need to use a pair of sturdy scissors to cut through the cast.  To do this lift up the edge of the plaster and cut it between the wool and the cast to avoid cutting your skin.

Once you have removed all of the layers of plaster you should unravel the padding (wool) and remove the plaster cast sleeve from your arm.

You may find that your wrist or ankle is stiff following the removal of the cast.  If this occurs please watch the video on exercises following your injury on our website.