Knee Injuries

Unfortunately the knee in commonly injured during sports. Many injuries settle with Rest Ice Compression and Elevation. However some can be more serious and require further treatment.


What should I expect and what can I do to help my knee to heal?

Following a knee injury the knee usually either swells straight away (suggesting bleeding into the knee from a ligament injury), or over a few hours or the day (more suggestive of a meniscus injury).

When the knee is injured people are usually able to walk following the injury.  If you are unable to walk then you should be seen in the emergency department as you may have broken a bone.

Following a knee injury it is common that the knee becomes very swollen.  You should try to continue bending the knee (as long as you have not been advised against this) in order to keep the knee movement.  Joints that do not move become stiff quickly.

You may be given a knee brace.

When you are seen by a medical professional they will examine your knee to try to work out what you have injured.  They will then offer you advice about your injury.  You may need an scan of your knee to look inside to work out what you have injured.

Physiotherapy can help to get you back on your feet.

Contacts / Further information

For any queries in relation to your injury or for further advise please contact your local Emergency department minor injuries or contact the NHS service on 111

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