Your child has suffered a ‘buckle’ fracture of the arm and wrist. This is the most common type of fracture in young children. Young bone is still soft and flexible. For this reason, instead of breaking all the way through, the bone small crack or kink on one side only.


What should I expect and what can I do to help my child’s arm / wrist to heal?

This fracture heals very well in a simple splint, which needs to be worn for three weeks. In the early stages it is important to give your child appropriate doses of paracetamol or ibuprofen to help with the pain. After three weeks the splint can be removed and simply day-to-day activities are encouraged.

In the first few weeks after splint removal the wrist is still likely to be a little sore and stiff. Strenuous and sports activities are only allowed when there is no pain and with normal wrist movements.

If your child is reluctant to use the wrist please contact the fracture clinic for advice or follow-up.

Physio advice

No specific physiotherapy exercises or advice required for this injury.

Contacts / Further information

For any queries in relation to your injury or for further advise please contact your local Emergency department minor injuries or contact the NHS service on 111