A collar and cuff sling is frequently used for injuries to the shoulder or clavicle.  These simple slings should be comfortable to wear. You should have enough space to be able to remove your hand from the sling.

The purpose of the sling is to rest the arm and to allow weight to hand through the arm. Ensure that you do not place pillows below the elbow to prop up the arm as this can prevent the sling from working properly.


You should ensure that you move your fingers and wrist whilst in the sling to prevent them from becoming stiff.

Whilst in the sling you should remove your forearm from the sling frequently, and bend and straighten the elbow (if you are unsure if you are allowed to do this you should check with the medical team treating you).

You may be able to perform pendular exercises.  Check with your medical team if you are unsure.

How to apply a collar and cuff sling

Take the foam material and place it around the neck.  Loop the foam around the wrist. Use a cable (zip) tie and attach this above the level of the wrist.  The wrist should be held above the level of the elbow (to prevent swelling of the forearm / hand).  There should be enough space for the patient to be able to remove their hand from the sling.