Week 5 – Wrist Fracture (Fractured Distal Radius)

Week 5 – This week we have a patient information video all about distal radius fracture – conservative management.

It seems to be almost impossible to cover a fracture clinic and not see a distal radius fracture. Here we give the patients realistic information regarding their injury.  Guides on the wrist splint will be coming soon. Plaster cast information is already online.


Like what you see? Want to help out? Please get in touch. We would love to have a helping hand in making these videos.  I would love to work with a physiotherapist to produce videos for patients following these injuries to aid in their rehab. Nurse practitioners and orthopaedic surgeons I would love to work with you to continue to grow and create more videos about the injuries.

Is your hospital on our list?

If your unit is running a Virtual Fracture Clinic and are not featured on our list of hospitals then please get in touch so that we can help you patients find your contact information quickly.


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